7/8" x 18" nylon lanyard with J-Hook.

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    Kristin Durham | Nov 15th 2022

    The red lanyard is true to the red color shown in the photo. The blue lanyard is not true to the blue color shown in the photo. The blue in the photo matches the Y shirts we're required to wear at work so I thought it'd be great but the blue lanyard

    I love that these lanyards have the Y logo on them. I'm proud to work for the Y and this shows it! I keep all my Y keys on it which easily identifies my keys and makes them easier to find in my purse. The wide ribbon lanyard also keeps it from getting tangled up in my purse thus the lanyard always stays looking crisp and clean (not kinked up and twisted or ratty). I do really wish the lanyard was 2 to 3 inches longer and the metal swivel thing of better quality - heavier and thicker. I think those improvements would make these lanyards what they should be.

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